How to choose the correct vape kit.

To start vaping and stop smoking?

So you have decide to take the plunge and stop smoking. First thing to say is well done as I know from my personal journey this is not an easy decision. 

I was a 20-30 a day smoker and I really enjoyed it but one day I thought to my self I got to stop this. One was the cost of it and two I wanted to know that I would be around to see my children grow up.

The day I decided to start vaping and stop smoking was the start of a journey into the unknown. 

I did not know what the right kit was and also which was the right liquid for for me or what strength of liquid I needed? 

I used to walk past a couple of vape shops and look in but the staff where always seem to be talking with there friends and been new to it and not knowing anything about it didn’t want to go in as I felt that they where judging me. 

This was probably not the case and they would of been very helpful but to me they did not seem approachable.

So I took to the internet to research and I found some good articles on vaping but nothing to really help me with choosing the right device and more importantly finding a liquid that I would really enjoy, as if you do not enjoy the flavour the chances are you will reach for the cigs again, again I know this, has it has happened to me and can now honestly say I have been smoke free for the last 5 years although me and my wife started vaping back in 2013. 

We made a fair few mistakes along the way. I am putting this article up to help anyone who wants to become smoke free and start vaping but do not know where to start now please remember these are my own personal opinions and may not work for everyone.

If you would like to ask any questions feel free to message us on Facebook or email us at

We are very approachable and only want to supply you with relevant information that will help you on your journey. 

You do not need to spend a lot of money on your first kit.

So what kit did I start with?

I started with a kit very similar to this Unik Tech CE4 Starter Kit which is for sale on our website priced at £4.99 they are easy just fill with liquid single button operation, when the coil is done just replace the tank otherwise known as atomisers.

Unik Tech CE4 Starter Kit

If you wanted something a little more but also just a single button kit our choice would be the Aspire Pockex Kit priced at £19.99 or the Innokin Endura T18E Kit priced at £24.99.

The difference with this kit over the one above is that you can change the coils in the aspire or the Innokin where as the Unik Tech you change the whole tank (atomiser).

Also pod kits are a great starting point for beginners and advanced users alike.

Pod kits will allow you to use nic salts which come mainly in two strengths 10mg and 20mg.

Nic salts tend to give you the nicotine quicker and people have said how they give a smoother vape.

The next part is to choose the right liquid for both of these items you want to choose a 50/50 eliquid. 

We have some great choice of flavours and brands available starting at £1.50 per 10ml bottle.

Which strength of liquid should I buy?

1 – 5 a day3mg or 0.3%
5 – 15 a day6mg or 0.6%
15 – 20 a day12 mg or 1.2%
20+ a day18 mg or 1.8%

Please note this is just a guide, the fewer cigarettes you smoke, the lower the nicotine strength you will need. 

The guide above is a really good starting point and you should refer to this when choosing your first e-liquid.

This is definitely not set in stone, you might smoke 5 a day but need a 18mg e-liquid to satisfy your cravings, you might smoke 20 a day and only need a 3mg, you really have to try and see what suits you best.

If you are vaping and still feel the need to smoke, you may need to increase the nicotine strength you use. 

If you feel you are getting too much nicotine, reduce the strength slightly, or just vape less often. 

Importantly, remember that it is the tar and carbon monoxide in cigarettes that are deadly, not the nicotine. 

There is no huge health benefit or virtue in trying to use the lowest nicotine strength that you can get away with.

Choosing the right E-liquid is the next hardest part as everyones tastes are different what one person likes another won’t like. 

It is trial and error and please do not be put off if you get a liquid you do not like.

I have had many liquids that I did not like.

Start by trying to buy flavours you think you may3 like, if you think you will like fruit flavours try some different flavours and different brands as they are all different. 

There are also cake flavours and also menthol flavours there is a lot of choice if you need any help with which liquid might be best to try. 

Our advise would be try a 10ml bottle before buying anything bigger.

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