Battery Information For User Safety

Battery Information to help and advise you of how to stay safe when using batteries with your e-cigarette.

Lithium-Ion batteries in electronic cigarettes are similar to the batteries used across the world in everyday devices like mobile phones, Camera’s.

These are considered safe, but there can be personal safety risks if used improperly.

All of Smith vape store batteries have gone through extensive testing and most models have a built-in protection circuit.

It is vital to keep the following points in mind to ensure that you are using your batteries safely.

Use the On/Off feature when your electronic cigarette is not in use.

Only use the charger supplied with your product.

Different batteries use different chargers.

We have a range of chargers available.

Never leave charging batteries unattended.

Never submerge batteries in water or expose to extremely low or high temperatures.

Safely dispose of batteries once they have reached their end of life by recycling them. (WEEE Derivative).

Please do not just put your old batteries in your normal household bin.

Please note if you would like to send us your faulty batteries for recycling we are more than happy to offer this service.

Always carry loose batteries in non-conductive containers, plastic or cardboard are fine.

Never with metal/metallic objects such as loose change or keys.

The main type of battery in cigs are 18650.

Battery common sense

Stay safe and use common sense whilst using electronic cigarette batteries and you will not have any problems.

If you need any additional safety information or general advice on the products you have bought from us please feel free to get in touch.

We sell a range of chargers available to buy if your device uses removable batteries.

If you buy a device with inbuilt batteries we would advise never to use a mobile phone or tablet charger. 

I charge mine using the usb on my laptop as this will not over power the device and will keep the device in top condition

Batteries and Chargers warranty.

These items come with a one month guarantee and have a life expectancy of 3-6 months. This does not affect your statutory rights. The guarantee covers any manufacturer defects and covers any repairs, or replacements, if deemed to be faulty or beyond repair. If the product has been damaged in any way by the customer we reserve the right to refuse a refund or return.

Has a responsible website any customer that order batteries from us will be sent a free plastic protective case to keep them in when transporting them. 

Please note here is a link to the cases that will be sent out.

If you click the link you will see the single case if you buy 2 batteries you would get the double one.

Photo’s of Damaged Batteries.

I have put some photos of 18650 batteries that are damaged you should never use any battery once they are damaged. Using these types of batteries in a device could cause it to explode and even cause damage to the user so care should always be taken when using batteries and should be checked for damage periodically.

If you notice anything wrong with the battery please stop using it straight away.

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